ScienceofSpeed S2000 Clutch Guide

A popular question we receive is what clutch is best for my S2000?

ScienceofSpeed offers four clutch options - each ideally suited for a particular application. The clutches below are listed in order of torque capacity.


  Exedy OEM Clutch Kit - S2000, all years ScienceofSpeed Sport 325 Clutch Kit  ScienceofSpeed Sport 400 Hybrid Clutch Kit ScienceofSpeed Twin Carbon 700 Clutch & Flywheel
Engine Torque Capacity up to 200 lb/ft up to 325 lb/ft up to 400 lb/ft up to 700 lb/ft
Wheel Horsepower Capacity up to 300 whp up to 400 whp up to 500 whp up to 800 whp
Engagement quality Like factory. Like factory. Very smooth similar to factory. Some shudder will be felt when engaged from a stop.
Pedal effort Like factory. +10% over factory. +10% over factory. +10% over factory.
Application Factory engines. Naturally aspirated or mild supercharged & turbocharged applications. Higher horsepower turbocharged engines up to 525 whp. Highest horsepower track driven turbocharged engines. Street-driveable however street driving can reduce clutch life.
Price $475.00 $545.00 $595.00 $2,395.00