J's Racing Distance Piece - S2000, 2000-09


Aggressive driving can cause the differential housing to crack. This is caused by the load from the engine twisting the pinion shaft. The pinion moves off axis to the ring gear which creates a torsion force on the differential caps. This twisting is possible due to the flexible factory "distance piece". This collapsable distance piece crushes during installation of the housing. Although this makes installation easier, the collapsible collar is what also allows the pinion shaft to move under load.

The J's Racing Rigid Distance Piece eliminates the factory collapsable distance piece with a rigid tool steel distance piece. The rigid high tensile strength material rigidly locks the pinion shaft in place. Because the distance piece is now rigid, the distance piece must be shimmed to achieve a certain installed tolerance. One shim is required per installation. 15 possible shims are made available.

distance piece shim kit:
Because it is impossible to know which exact shim is required, the 15 possible shims are made available in a full kit. ScienceofSpeed offers a partial refund if the unused 14 shims are returned within 30 days of receiving your distance piece and shim kit. a $40.00 charge is deducted from the total which includes the cost of the used shim and the cost for ScienceofSpeed to offer this exchange service. The shims are non-refundable after 30 days.

For additional reinforcement of the factory rear end housing, a reinforced housing is available.

Blueprinted rear end rebuild service is available from ScienceofSpeed.

J's Racing Distance Piece - S2000, 2000-09



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