PasswordJDM Dry Carbon Air Induction System


The Password:JDM Dry Carbon Air Induction System is the pinnacle of intake design for the Honda S2000. The system consists of three major components. The ram air duct draws in cold pressurized air from the front bumper area fitting with out having to cut or modify the bumper or hood. Next, the cold air chamber housing the filter insulates the intake from underhood heat. Lastly, the intake passes through the PowerChamber which acts as a reservoir of air volume for best throttle response and power.

All three components are manufactured from dry carbon (dry carbon Kevlar also available). This resin-impregnated carbon material is vacuum bagged and cured pressure in an autoclave for the strongest and lightest part (the entire system weighs 1.8kg/3.9lbs - compared to 4.4kg/9.7lb of the factory intake).

The system has been dyno tested with back to back testing the factory intake system compared to the Password:JDM Air Induction System. The testing resulted in a maximum gain of 12.5 wheel hp (4000 RPM) and 11.6 wheel hp at peak power (click for larger image of dyno graph). These gains are unprecedented compared to any other system previously tested.

With out a doubt, this is the most advanced intake system available for the S2000 manufactured and designed with techniques usually reserved for a multi million dollar chassis race car.

Password:JDM Dry Carbon Air Induction System


Password:JDM Dry Carbon Kevlar Air Induction System