ScienceofSpeed Big Bore Throttle Body - S2000, 2000-05


The ScienceofSpeed Big Bore Throttle Body improves on the factory design by enlarging the bore and throttle plate, using flush-mounted throttle plate fasteners, and modifying the shaft to accept an o-ring to seal the throttle position sensor bore for high boost or liquid injection applictions.

The ScienceofSpeed Big Bore Throttle Body is a factory throttle body that is machined larger with a new billet throttle plate and mounting hardware installed. The larger bore - machined as large as possible while still maintaining a strong wall - and the flush-mounted mounting hardware increases airflow volume and decreases turbulence for more power. Typical horsepower gains are up to 4-5 hp on natural aspiration motors and up to 7-12 hp on forced induction motors from ScienceofSpeed and independent customer testing.

Unlike other throttle bodies available on the market, our special billet throttle plates are manufactured with a taper cut on the edge. This prevents galling into the aluminum barrel which can cause sticking and inconsistent throttle performance. This attention to detail makes this the best big bore throttle body available.

Throttle bodies are completely stripped and cleaned eliminating the carbon build up in the throttle body. This throttle body is compatible in 2000-05 and all engine types (see note below) and can be used with the factory ECU or stand alone ECUs. Machining the inlet manifold is not necessary, the larger bore works within the factory gasket and intake manifold bore sizes.

approximate size comparison
2000-05: Honda ScienceofSpeed
inlet size 66 mm 70 mm
outlet size 62.7 mm 64.2 mm


Sensors not Included:
The throttle position sensor and MAP sensors are swapped from your existing throttle body. New fasteners and a gasket are included if you plan to swap the sensors yourself.  You will need to remove the sensors yourself.  We include instructions to be able to do this, as well as calibrate the TPS sensor during reinstall.  Note that any throttle bodies sent with any sensors will incur the fee to swap sensors over.

ScienceofSpeed can swap the sensors for you:

For a small fee, ScienceofSpeed can swap the MAP and TPS sensors over.  You will simply send your throttle body in complete, and we will remove, and reinstall your sensors back onto your modified throttle body.  ScienceofSpeed will also calibrate your TPS sensor during installation.

ScienceofSpeed Core Exchange Program:
ScienceofSpeed offers a free core exchange program for this product. You will be charged a refundable deposit on check out. Once you receive the product, return your core to ScienceofSpeed within 30 days from date of receipt for a refund. For full details, please click here.

Replacing the throttle body's intake manifold gasket is recommended and are available separately.

ScienceofSpeed Big Bore Throttle Body - S2000, 2000-05



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