ScienceofSpeed 2006-09 S2000 Engine Management Guide


   Hondata FlashPro  ScienceofSpeed AEM Infinity 506 Engine Management System - S2000, 2006-09
Engine Management System

Hondata FlashPro

ScienceofSpeed AEM Infinity

Standard fuel, ignition, VTEC, limiter, & trim tuning Yes. Yes.
Advanced VE fuel calculations with fuel pressure compensation No. Yes.
Retains factory ECU & OBD system Yes. No.
Engine Protection Limited (overboost). Advanced protection based on temperature, pressure, and lambda sensors.
Knock protection Yes – basic factory knock strategy. Advanced knock protection.
PC-based logging Yes. Yes.
Logs stored with out PC Yes. Yes.
MAP switching w/ out PC. Yes. Yes.
FlexFuel Tuning No. Yes.
Advanced FlexFuel Tuning No. Yes.
Turbocharger Boost Control Solenoid Output Yes, requires ECU modification Yes.
Boost Control Requires ECU Modification Yes. No.
Advanced Boost Control (closed loop, advanced trims, etc.) No. Yes.
Traction Control Compatible with factory traction control & includes tuning options. Advanced traction control built in (requires optional speed pulse converter).
Configurable Intake Air Temperature Sensor No.  Yes. 
 Configurable Injector Deadtime   Yes.  Yes. 
Compatible with factory dash Yes. Yes, with optional CAN Translator.
Throttle mapping control. Yes.  Yes. 
Live tuning Yes. Yes.
Includes touchscreen interface with gauge display. No. Yes.