ScienceofSpeed Valve Springs, Retainers, & Bases


ScienceofSpeed offers valve spring sets, titanium spring retainers, and spring bases for the Honda S2000.

The Honda S2000 is equipped with a single spring per valve design from the factory. ScienceofSpeed offers a direct drop-in spring & retainer set as well as a dual spring conversion kit.

The increased spring rates offered allows increased lift while preventing valve float. Our lightweight titanium retainers are compatible with both the single and dual spring design reduces valve train weight and reduces the cracked factory retainer problem we have seen with heavy track used driven S2000s. Retainers are compatible with factory locks.

Single valve spring kit: directly drops on to factory spring base. Retainer set recommended.

Dual valve spring kit: dual valve springs allows pressure to be shared across two springs and offers increased vibration dampening. Dual valve spring kit REQUIRES dual-spring compatible bases that replace factory single spring design base (sold seperately). This kit is designed for aggressive camshaft lobes and heavy duty track use. New valve guide seals recommended.

Note that new keepers are required with upgraded retainers (part number enpp-739).

ScienceofSpeed Single Valve Spring Kit for S2000, 2000-09


ScienceofSpeed Dual Valve Spring Kit for S2000, 2000-09


ScienceofSpeed Titanium Valve Spring Retainer Kit for S2000, 2000-09


dual valve spring base kit for S2000


S2000 Retainer Keepers (Set of 32)