RC Engineering Injectors


RC Engineering Fuel Injectors are precise replacement fuel injectors to replace the factory fuel injectors when the engine's horsepower will be increased. These injectors fit directly into the factory fuel rail and intake manifold - no cutting required!

Kits include injectors and new o-rings.  The Injector fitting kit, and the plug and play connectors are required.

We stock the most popular sizes.

Please note that we now supply "plug-and-play" wire clips that do not require cutting the factory wire harness. These wire clips are required for S2000 installation.

When selecting injectors, a number of points are considered.

crankshaft horsepower of engine
BSFC (brake specific fuel consumption) - a calculation of the fuel consumption of a vehicle. In general, .45-.50 is used for NA applications, .55-.60 for supercharged, and .60-.65 for turbocharged.
injector duty cycle: duty cycle in general should be kept at 80% max for a safety envelope.
system fuel rail pressure

For specific calculations, visit this website or contact ScienceofSpeed.

RC Engineering Injectors



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