Walbro 450 LPH Fuel Pump & Mounting Kit - S2000, 2000-09


The Walbro 450 liter per hour (LPH) fuel pumps are the ultimate solution for the high power S2000. The Walbro 450 LPH pump is capable of being used with gasoline or FlexFuel (E85). Utilizing a proprietary turbine mechanism with an enlarged base, the Walbro 400/450 LPH pump offers high flow and reliable quiet operation. See gallery for flow & current charts.

ScienceofSpeed Walbro 450 Billet Mounting Bracket:
The Walbro 450 LPH fuel pump is a universal design. Most vendors sell only the pump. ScienceofSpeed now offers a plug-and-play mounting solution for these fuel pumps. The factory mounting bracket is recreated out of 6061 aluminum billet CNC lathe and 4-axis CNC mill machined with a design that allows the pump to clip onto the factory fuel pump carrier. The mounting kit includes everything required for installation including CNC machined bracket, synthetic rubber noise-isolating cushion, machined aluminum base plate, stainless steel retainer ring, ethanol resistant filter sock, outlet hose, and hose clamps. Aluminum is black anodized for ethanol corrosion resistance. Kit is sold with or without pump.

Important note: this fuel pump design requires increased electrical current compared to smaller pumps. This fuel pump requires in excess of 17 amps of current for normal operation (which exceeds the recommended factory wiring capacity). Wiring to fuel pump must be upgraded. ScienceofSpeed offers complete easy fuel pump wiring kits which include terminals to terminate the fuel pump's wires directly in to the factory fuel pump carrier's electrical connectors.

2006-09: installation kit requires return fuel system conversion.

Looking for more fuel flow than this pump can support? Check out ScienceofSpeed's dual fuel pump surge solution.

Walbro 450 LPH Fuel Pump & Mounting Kit - S2000, 2000-09



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