AEM F/IC Fuel/Ignition Controller & adaptor harness


The AEM F/IC (fuel / ignition controller) is an economical solution for controlling fuel and ignition for forced induction applications. The FI/C works in conjunction with the factory ECU and makes fueling and ignition changes to suit the demands of supercharged and turbocharged NSXes. The F/IC is an option to the more robust AEM EMS, which is a complete standalone replacement for the factory ECU.

fuel and ignition control:
The F/IC allows direct control of the injector's pulse width allowing larger aftermarket injectors to be used. The F/IC also allows timing retard control by modifying the cam/crank sensor signals.

The F/IC has a built in MAP sensor. This accurate onboard MAP sensor allows for applications having up to 25 PSI manifold pressure. The F/IC has electronic voltage clamping for the factory MAP sensor to prevent service lights.

The main advantage of the F/IC is that it retains the on board diagnostic computer and retains the factory ECU for OBD2 check compliance.

The F/IC is programmed by laptop using a supplied USB connector.

We offer an electrical harness that allows the FI/C to be installed with out modification to the factory electrical harness. Alternatively, the F/IC may be wired into the factory harness by cutting (not recommended).

AEM F/IC Controller - S2000, 2006-08


AEM F/IC Controller - S2000, 2000-05


AEM F/IC Controller Adaptor Harness - S2000, 2000-05


AEM F/IC Controller Adaptor Harness - S2000, 2006-07