Hondata ECU Reflash


The 2006-2008 S2000 features a "flashable" ECU that has allowed Hondata to develop software to modify all ECU parameters to develop custom tunes for the 06-08 S2000.

Hondata's reflash program replaces the existing tune from the factory with a custom tune with modified fuel, ignition (for both low and high lift camshaft lobes) and VTEC engagement. The reflash process is accomplished using the ECU from your car at Hondata's facility. Unlike other ECU changes, this does not change your factory ignition key based immobilizer function.

Benefits of Hondata Reflash:

  • Existing ECU used - nothing to change and factory immobilizer function remains unchanged
  • Fuel and ignition tables optimized
  • VTEC engagement optimized for increased midrange
  • All factory functions such as gauges, OBD2 compliance, and factory tools including scan tools remain unchanged
  • Program may be reverted back to factory tune at any time for a small fee ($75.00).

ECU programs available:

Two ECU programs are available depending on your modifications.

  • Program A: for stock or mildly modified (intake and exhaust)
    • VTEC point decreased from 6000 rpm to 5600 rpm
    • VTEC window from 5600 to 6400 rpm 
    • Rev limit 8500 rpm 
    • Maximum torque gain 14 ft/lbs torque at 5800 rpm
    • Maximum power gain 16 hp at 5800 rpm

      Program notes: developed and tested for all-stock vehicles or ones with minor modifications (intake and exhaust). Minimal peak gains (the car is well tuned in all-stock trim) but notable midrange gain.
  • Program B: for high performance header, intake, and exhaust
    • VTEC point decreased from 6000 rpm to 4200 rpm  VTEC window from 4200 to 6000 rpm
    • Rev limit 8500 rpm
    • Maximum torque gain 20 ft/lbs torque at 5800 rpm
    • Maximum power gain 23 hp at 5800 rpm

      Program notes: developed and tested for Toda header, exhaust, and intake. Significant midrange gains. May be used with other similar performing headers however, the testing was specific with the Toda header.

Important notes:

  • Reflash is available for 2006-2008 Honda S2000s only (ECU code 37820-PZX-A09 through A14 and 37820-PZX-A21).
  • This is NOT compatible with 2000-2005 S2000s which do not use flashable ECUs and are not compatible with the 06-08 ECU.
  • These tunes are not able to be modified. If additional tuning is required, a programmable ECU should be considered.
  • If you start with Program A, and add a header at a later date, you may upgrade to Program B at a reduced cost of $200.00 (please contact ScienceofSpeed).
  • Reflash requires the removal of your factory ECU to be sent to Hondata for programming. Upon purchase, you will be provided a pre-paid shipping label and form to send with the ECU. Price includes standard shipping - overnight is available.

The Process:

  • On the day of order (by 2pm) you will receive a pre-paid shipping label and form by e-mail to send your ECU in.
  • You will ship your ECU by shipping the ECU in a well padded box using the pre-paid shipping label provided including the supplied form in the box with the ECU. You may drop your package off any UPS Store or UPS shipping depot. If this is not convenient for you, UPS will come to pick up your package for an additional $8.00 fee (request this when placing order).
  • Your ECU will ship to Hondata for reflash. Hondata typically turns the ECUs around within 1-2 business days.
  • Standard shipping: Standard shipping includes both inbound and return shipping as well as insurance and can be calculated by clicking "local shipping cost". Standard shipping is 1-5 business days each way depending on your location from Torrance, CA (zip code 90503).
  • Express shipping: For an additional amount, we will upgrade shipping to overnight for both inbound and return shipping. This amount is added to the local shipping cost which can be calculated by clicking "local shipping cost" below.
  • Signature will be required for delivery for the safety of your shipment.

Standard turn around time: 1-2 business days for reflash ples 1-5 business days for shipping each way.

Express upgrade turn around time: 1-2 business days for reflash plus 1 day shipping each way.

Hondata Reflash, program A (factory) - S2000, 2006-08


Hondata Reflash, program B (header) - S2000, 2006-08