Hondata K-Pro 4 Engine Management System


ScienceofSpeed is excited to introduce the new K-Pro 4 featuring advanced FlexFuel, engine protection, CAN, and Bluetooth functions along with a number of new features!

The Hondata K-Pro Programmable ECU is a stand alone engine management system. Replacing the factory ECU, the K-Pro allows full fuel, ignition, VTEC, and driveability systems control. This is the ultimate stand alone solution for high performance naturally aspirated and supercharged/turbocharged 2000-2005 S2000s!

Unlike other engine management systems, the K-Pro is derived from a factory Honda ECU. The K-Pro utilizes the factory sensors, allows factory like start up, does not require modification to the factory wire harness, and preserves the factory OBDII interface (compatible with emissions station equipment and hand held scanners) and check engine troubleshooting codes.

The Windows based software (KManager) is available freely to the end user for parameter and table editing, calibration uploading, and datalogging.

New with K-Pro 4:

  • faster & more powerful
  • live tuning & autotune
  • Bluetooth & Hondata Mobile App
  • Ethanol Sensor (FlexFuel / E85) sensor input
  • Advanced engine protection
  • Better wideband support (compatible with AEM Inline UEGO Wideband Sensor)
  • CAN telemetry output (compatible with gaugeART and race dashes).

Important notes:

  • K-Pro is available for 2000-2005 Honda S2000s only
  • Factory immobilizer (like all stand alone ECUs) is not supported
  • K-Pro installation requires replacing the following components (kit sold separately below as part no enpp-1263): crank sensor, crank wheel, TDC sensor, TDC wheel, valve cover, PCV valve , drain PCV valve sealing washer, IAT sensor.
  • Installation bracket and wire harness included
  • Customers may supply the factory RSX Type-S core ECU used for the K-Pro system (note, this is not the ECU installed in your S2000). Note that the factory list price on the ECU is $748.00 so it is in general less expensive to allow Hondata to supply the ECU. Customer supplied ECUs must: 1. have a part number of 37820-PRB-A01 through A12 or 37820-PRB-305 2. free of internal damage or defects


  • OBDII scan tools work normally. The K-Pro is not sold as a smog legal device - and is for offroad use only.
  • Factory gauges including water temperature functions normally
  • Replaces the factory ECU (no external units to place in car)
  • USB connection for speed and compatibility
  • Windows based KManager includes datalogging to a laptop
  • On board datalogging memory (2 mb allows 10-110 min of data)
  • Adjustment to different sized injectors and overall fuel trim
  • Configurable to any MAP sensor
  • TPS based tuning allows compatibility with ITBs
  • Engine protection from over boost and lean protection
  • Expanded fuel and ignition tables (both RPM and load) including both low and high (VTEC) camshaft tuning
  • Configurable VTEC control
  • Launch control and anti-lag
  • Three multipurpose outputs (nitrous control, etc.)
  • Supports lambda tracing from stock wideband O2
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) output allows boost control


The optional ScienceofSpeed connector kit allows the included Hondata K-Pro 4 accessory cables to be terminated to two ten pin connectors. This allows the accessory cables to be permanently fixed to the ECU which decreases the chance of the cables coming loose and allows easy installation and removal of the ECU from the vehicle with out having to open the ECU cover to remove the accessory connectors.

Included at no charge with part number enpp-2881.

Hondata K-Pro 4 Engine Management System (includes new ECU) - S2000, 2000-05


Hondata K-Pro 4 Engine Management System (customer supplied ECU) - S2000, 2000-05


installation component kit for K-Pro - S2000, 2000-05


optional connector kit for Hondata K-Pro 4 (Included for free with purchase of new Kpro)