Koyo Aluminum Radiator


The Koyo Aluminum Radiator is a direct drop-in replacement for the factory radiator - ideal for replacing the factory radiator for street driven and track driven S2000.

The Koyo radiator using a thicker than factory vertical single pass core with factory location inlet and outlet connections allowing easy installation to factory radiator hoses. It is the only drop-in style radiator made that does not require trimming or modification to the fans, fan shrouds, or other components for installation. The radiator features sculpted water tanks (see detailed photo) which allows the radiator to easily fit under the factory core support, mounting bosses for factory fan installation, mounting pins for factory mount locations, billet aluminum drain and bleeder fittings, as well as high quality TIG welded construction.

ScienceofSpeed highly recommends this radiator against other less expensive overseas manufactured radiators which in our experience do not fit as well, use a poor quality core, and require modification to install.

2006-09 applications require coolant temperature sensor adapter.

Aftermarket radiators for S2000 are made with the 2000-05 coolant temperature switch thread size. This adapter is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum for a precision fit and allows the factory 2006-09 switch to thread in to the larger 2000-05 switch threaded hole. Includes factory o-ring.


The Koyo radiator is not compatible with the factory coolant pressure cap. We recommend the Sankei Coolant Pressure Cap (enpp-3451).

Koyo High Performance Radiator, S2000 - 2000-09


ScienceofSpeed Radiator Fan Switch Adapter - S2000, 2006-09


Sankei Coolant Expansion Reservoir Pressure Cap, 1.1 BAR - NSX, 1991-05