ScienceofSpeed Oil Filter Adapter Kit - S2000, 2000-09


As used in the TS-MAX Turbocharger System, the oil adapter kit is designed to move the oil filter 90 degrees to increase clearance for aftermarket turbocharger systems with out requiring the oil filter to be removed from the cylinder block and with out requiring the use of hoses to remote mount the filter.

A 1/8" port is drilled and tapped on the side of the adapter. This port may be used for sensors or as a feed oil for a turbocharger. If it will not be used, a 1/8" NPT plug should be installed. Sensors, fittings, or plugs are not included. The standard S2000 oil filter is replaced with a higher flow model from the NSX.

Download and print this template to check fitment when used with other forced induction systems.


  • aluminum oil filter adapter
  • machined billet stainless steel banjo bolt and threaded stud
  • upgraded viton double seal o-rings
  • oil filter (Honda part no 15400-PL2-315)
ScienceofSpeed Oil Filter Adapter Kit - S2000, 2000-09