ScienceofSpeed Drive Pulley - Comptech Novi 1000 Supercharger


ScienceofSpeed manufactures "high boost" pulleys for the Comptech Novi 1000 Supercharger kit for the S2000. These billet aluminum machined pulleys are smaller than the standard Comptech design causing the supercharger to spin faster increase boost and power levels.

Proper belt engagement is crucial as a slipping belt will cause the supercharger to not spin reducing power. In several years of installing these supercharger systems on the S2000, we have found what design and materials work best. Compared to other pulleys available - these pulleys fit right on the shaft of the supercharger (no grinding or sanding required), feature a belt guide that prevents belt movement, and feature a durable yet high traction plating that reduces belt slip.

We manufacture these pulleys in 3.6 - 3.0" in 0.2" increments and usually have every size in stock.

It is important to note that the accepted industry practice to measure pulley diameter is at the top of the pulley teeth. Our pulleys are measured and listed by this standard. Other manufactures, including Comptech, do not advertise pulleys by this standard.

ScienceofSpeed pulleys have extra flat "teeth" that aid measuring diameter. ScienceofSpeed pulleys are engraved with diameter sizes & part numbers to prevent confusion.

pulley size part approximate boost
4.4" Comptech supplied size for 2.0L 6 psi (2.0L)
4.2" Comptech supplied size for 2.2L 6 psi (2.2L)
3.6" ScienceofSpeed enpp-1091.360 9 psi (2.0L), 8 psi (2.2L)
3.4" ScienceofSpeed enpp-1091.340 10 psi (2.0L), 9 psi (2.2L)
3.2" ScienceofSpeed enpp-1091.320 11 psi (2.0L), 10 psi (2.2L)
3.0" ScienceofSpeed enpp-1091.300 12 psi (2.0L), 11 psi (2.2L)

As a very general rule of thumb, with all things being equal our testing has shown:

  • each increase of 0.2" of pulley size results in a pressure increase of 1 - 1.5 PSI
  • each increase of 1000 RPM results in a pressure increase of 1 PSI
  • Each 1 point of compression loss results in 1 PSI of pressure loss 

However, this again varies by a number of factors including compressor efficiency and should only be used as a general guide.

Please note that supporting fuel system (fuel & ignition controller / stand alone engine management, injectors, regulator, & fuel pump) are required.

The aftercooler option from Comptech is recommended for use with any higher boost pulleys.

AP1 (2.0L, 9000 RPM) should not use smaller than 3.4", AP2 (2.2L, 8000 RPM) should not use smaller than 3.0".

drive belts:

Different pulleys will require a different belt. The following belts are provided by ScienceofSpeed. For the belt listing page (click here)

CT Supercharger System:

Please note these pulleys are compatible with Comptech / CT-Engineering NOVI 1000 based Supercharger systems. 

ScienceofSpeed Pulley - Comptech Novi 1000 Supercharger - 3.4 inch


ScienceofSpeed Pulley - Comptech Novi 1000 Supercharger - 3.2 inch


ScienceofSpeed Pulley - Comptech Novi 1000 Supercharger - 3.0 inch