ScienceofSpeed Racing Heat Exchanger (complete kit) - S2000, 2000-09


The ScienceofSpeed Racing Heat Exchanger replaces the smaller standard heat exchanger used in the ScienceofSpeed, Comptech, and Vortech supercharger systems and is ideally suited to racing or high performance high boost applications.

The heat exchanger, mounted in the front of the car, is used to dissipate heat from the coolant that circulates between the aftercooler (intercooler) and the heat exchanger by the way of the water pump.

This larger aluminum dual pass heat exchanger increases the surface area and volume of the core by 360% over the standard heat exchanger and is designed for high horsepower applications over 9 PSI. The dual pass design allows longer dwell time in the core for increased cooling efficiency. The heat exchanger is properly sized and constructed for this application, allows sufficient air-flow to the factory radiator, and is reasonable in weight (only 1.2 lbs heavier than the standard heat exchanger). The heat exchanger mounts to factory mounting locations using three adjustable aluminum mounting brackets and features billet aluminum hose fittings. No cutting or modification is required to factory sheet metal for installation.

The heat exchanger is available in bare aluminum or black powdercoat. Durable powdercoat used is a low solid type designed for radiators / heat exchangers (similar to factory coating) which allows the heat exchanger to maintain high efficiency.

ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System Upgrade:
For new ScienceofSpeed Supercharger Systems, the upgrade is available at a reduced cost as certain components of the standard heat exchanger system are not needed.

ScienceofSpeed Racing Heat Exchanger (complete kit) - S2000, 2000-09



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