ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger System


ScienceofSpeed introduces the TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger System - unequivocally, the most thoroughly developed highest quality turbocharger system available for the Honda S2000. Developed, tested, and proven on the race track the TS-MAX turbocharger system combines high performance and durability in one package.

The ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger System is a revolutionary design which draws from over ten years of experience with the S2000. ScienceofSpeed's renown engineering-based approach has resulted in a factory-quality, high performance, durable, and easy to install and maintain turbocharger system for the Honda S2000 capable of 150-300 horsepower gain over factory power. 

It is important to realize that the TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger system is unlike anything else on the market. This is the only system that combines a twin scroll turbocharger with out the need for oil scavenge pumps, with out the need to remote-mount the oil filter, relocate or replace the factory battery, relocate or modify air conditioning hard lines, the factory fuse box, or cut or modify any factory metal body or frame work. High performance is important, but so is ease of installation, maintenance, and durability!


  • Engine management & fuel systems, based on model year required, and are available separately. Take $100.00 off your purchase when a ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Turbocharger System, engine management system, and fuel system are purchased together by entering coupon code "Stage 2 bundle" on check out.
  • The factory catalytic converter and exhaust system was designed for 240 bhp. As with any turbocharger system, exhaust flow is important for turbocharger performance. The factory catalytic converter will limit power to approximately 325 bhp. A high flow catalytic converter and exhaust is required for higher horsepower gains.
  • Boost control for maximum performance is recommended, and is available separately.
  • An upgraded clutch is highly recommended.
  • 2000-05: Air Intake Temperature Open Element Sensor Kit required.

Note: Left hand drive vehicle (worldwide except Australia, Japan, UK, etc.) only. Right hand drive fitment has not been confirmed.

This product is designed and intended for Racing Competition Only:
This product is not designed or intended for pollution controlled vehicles. In the United States, the use of this product is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act. Use of this product must be used in accordance with the Clean Air Act, and any other Federal, State, or Local mandated regulations. The use of this product must only be used on a vehicle in sanctioned competition events and may not be used on public roads, streets, or highways. A Vehicle Compliance Waiver is required for all products marked "Racing Competition Only".


  • Twin scroll design maximizes exhaust efficiency producing best turbocharger response.
  • High quality Garrett ball bearing turbocharger included at no extra cost.
  • System does not require a fault prone electric scavenge oil pump.
  • The only system on the market that combines a twin scroll turbocharger design with no need to remote mount the oil filter, replace or relocate the factory battery, air conditioning hard lines, factory fuse box, or cut or modify any factory metal body or frame work resulting in a system that is easy to install and easy to maintain.
  • Exhaust manifolds & exhaust down pipe are 100% stainless steel. The TS-MAX system is the only system that uses heavy wall stainless steel forged tubing, mandrel bent stainless steel tubing, and CNC machined billet stainless steel flanges. Other manufactures claim "stainless steel" exhaust components but use mild steel flanges. All exhaust components TIG welded and back purged.
  • Properly designed placement retains factory heat shield and does not place the turbocharger against the valve cover or far in front of the engine to prevent premature valve cover seal failure or excessive vibration.
  • Direct fed turbocharger oil supply kit requires no "T" fittings that break from vibration with time.
  • Turbocharger drain system, including AN fittings, requires no drilling or welding of oil pan or covers.
  • Only premium high quality USA made tubing, flanges, and accessories from leading manufactures such as Garrett and TIAL.
  • The most extensive torture durability testing of any system we are aware of.


  • exhaust manifold: stainless steel forged tubular exhaust manifold, machined billet stainless flanges, TIG welded & back purged
  • down pipe: stainless steel mandrel bent down pipe with divorced and return path wastegate dump tube, machined billet stainless flanges, TIG welded & back purged
  • turbocharger: Garrett ball bearing liquid cooled turbocharger
  • lightweight powdercoated mandrel bent aluminum charge tubes
  • high capacity bar & plate intercooler
  • high quality USA made 4 ply custom silicone couplers
  • engine mount bracket & engine mount heat shield
  • turbocharger oil supply kit
  • turbocharger oil drain kit
  • turbocharger liquid cooling kit
  • new turbocharger, downpipe, & exhaust manifold gaskets
  • TIAL 50mm Q blow off valve
  • AEM DryFlow air filter
  • NGK Iridium No. 8 Spark Plugs
  • lightweight aluminum filter adapter with high flow Honda OEM oil filter
  • high quality hardware including Honda OEM high strength bolts, studs, & Nord-Lock wedge locking washers


  • turbocharger selections: The standard turbocharger included is the GT3076R, a dual ball bearing turbocharger capable of up to approximately 425 bhp (crankshaft horsepower, or 360-375 whp depending on the dyno) with a free-flowing exhaust system. Other optional turbochargers are available (pricing based on upgrading with purchase of the turbocharger system):

    For applications that will be using higher octane gasoline or E85, the following turbochargers are available as options. Important note: regardless of what turbocharger is selected, it is important to note that the high compression factory engine when uses with 91 or 93 octane (USA standard) is limited in reliability to approximately 400 BHP (crankshaft horsepower) or approximately 350-375 wheel horsepower, depending on the dyno used. Any power level should use a higher octane fuel (100+ or E85) and/or a built engine with lowered compression.

    up to 425 BHP: GT3076R - standard turbocharger included with TS-MAX system. Twin scroll, ball bearing, water cooled turbocharger.

    up to 450 BHP: GTX3076R - same as GT3076R, but with billet compressor wheel. Twin scroll, billet compressor wheel, ball bearing, water cooled turbocharger. Note: due to the high cost of this turbocharger, ScienceofSpeed recommends the GT3582R over this turbocharger.

    up to 475 BHP: GTX3576R - same as GTX3076R, but with larger turbine wheel and upgraded machined turbine housing increasing exhaust flow. Recommended for higher pressure applications. Twin scroll, billet compressor wheel, ball bearing, water cooled turbocharger.

    up to 550 BHP: GT3582R - includes larger compressor and turbine wheels compared to GT3076R and upgraded machined turbine housing increasing exhaust flow. This is the most popular upgrade for the TS-MAX system, and is available at a minimal cost difference. Twin scroll, ball bearing, water cooled turbocharger.

    575+ BHP: GTX3582R - identical to GT3582R, but with billet compressor wheel. Recommended for higher pressure applications. Twin scroll, billet compressor wheel, ball bearing, water cooled turbocharger.

  • Wastegate actuator: Two wastegate actuators are made available, based on pressure range for your application. Standard pressure: 8-14 PSI, high pressure: 12 PSI - 20 PSI. The high pressure actuator is available for applications where FlexFuel (E85) will be used.  Boost controller is required to change boost level.  ScienceofSpeed offers and recommends this kit.  Certain ECU's have the functionality built in to run a boost controller like this one.  Check if it will work on your application.
  • Cerakote Ceramic Coating: Cerakote 2000 degree ceramic coating applied to turbocharger manifold, turbine housing, and down pipe reduces engine bay temperatures and increases turbocharger response.
  • V-mount twin pass radiator & intercooler: For racing applications, an advanced v-mounted twin pass radiator and intercooler is available. The v-mount system is made available as an upgrade to a new ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX turbocharger system and available for existing forced induction systems. You can read more about the v-mount system, here.
ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Twin Scroll Turbocharger System



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