ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX V-Mount Twin Pass Radiator & Intercooler


The ScienceofSpeed V-Mount Twin Pass Radiator & Intercooler is the ultimate cooling system package for the turbocharged S2000 built for the track.

The system incorporates a highly efficient twin-pass radiator with a bar and plate intercooler for the turbocharged S2000. By splitting the radiator and intercooler (instead of mounting the intercooler in front of the radiator), air volume passing through both the intercooler and radiator is drastically improved. System has been successfully used in sprint races lasting thirty minutes above 95 degrees where coolant temperature remained below 200 deg F and inlet temperature under 130 deg F (at 14 PSI). Click to view data log of continuous laps and single wide open throttle pull.

One of the most distinctive features of the ScienceofSpeed V-Mount system is the factory quality fit and finish. The system attaches to factory mounting locations and requires only the removal of the factory core support brace (which can be replaced at any time by riveting back in place). Aside from the twin pass radiator and intercooler, the system includes a coolant system fill / expansion tank, twin high flow fans, cold side charge tube, and all radiator hoses, couplers, clamps, factory overflow mounting bracket, and hardware required for installation.

Please note: this product is built-to-order (click for details). Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.


  • ScienceofSpeed TS-Max Twin Scroll Turbocharger System
  • Other "side mount" turbocharger & supercharger forced inductions systems may be compatible - fitment and fabrication of "hot side" tube is responsibility of user.
  • Left hand drive vehicle (worldwide except Australia, Japan, UK, etc.) only. Right hand drive fitment has not been confirmed.
  • While a ventilated hood is not required, it is highly recommended to improve the intercooler's performance.
  • A fitment template is provided. Please download the template by clicking here.

available as an upgrade to TS-MAX turbocharger systems, or separately:

  • The v-mount kit is available as an upgrade for a new TS-MAX turbocharger system (part numbers enpp-2525 or enpp-2526). It replaces the standard intercooler, hot side charge tubes, and accessories included in a new system.
  • If you already own a TS-MAX turbocharger system or other forced induction systems, choose either enpp-2521 or enpp-2522. The hot side charge tube kit (charge tube, couplers, clamps) is required (enpp-2529) for TS-MAX systems.
  • An A/C relocation is available for any kit - and can be installed at the same time, or at a later time, reusing the factory A/C condenser.


  • Twin pass aluminum radiator (core: 24" x 15.5" x 1.5").
  • Bar and plate aluminum intercooler (recommended for up to 575 BHP, core: 24" x 9.25" x 3.25").
  • Twin high flow Spal fan (1,688 CFM total) w/ electrical system - designed to be staged - one or two fans can be turned on by ECU based on coolant temperature and if A/C system is turned on.
  • Cold side aluminum charge tube (intercooler - engine).
  • Coolant system expansion / fill tank w/ pressure cap.
  • Front core support stiffener brace.
  • Silicone coupler set (intercooler outlet and throttle body inlet).
  • Set of stainless steel smooth hose clamps designed for silicone.
  • Radiator hoses.
  • Air intake temperature sensor boss: a 3/8" boss is standard for compatible open-element air temperature sensors, sold separately. A machined boss for the factory 2006-09 sensor is available which must be purchased at the same time to replace the standard 3/8" boss.
  • The system does not include a blow-off valve and the charge tubes are provided as bare aluminum (as the flange for the valve you wish to use will need to be welded on).
  • ScienceofSpeed recommends TIAL Q 50mm Blow Off Valve. Welding of the flange and black winkle powder coating of tubes is included at no extra charge when blow off valve is purchased from ScienceofSpeed.


  • A/C Relocation Kit for V-Mount: The kit allows the A/C condenser to be used with the V-mount radiator. The kit relocates factory A/C condenser, dryer and accessories and includes machined billet aluminum fittings, A/C high-pressure hose, brackets, hardware, all new o-rings for relocated components, and refrigerant oil.
  • Hot Side Charge Tube Kir for ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Turbocharger Kit: Convert an existing front-mount TS-MAX Turbocharger Kit to V-mount with this charge tube (does not include V-mount kit).
  • TiAL Q Blow Off Valve.

ScienceofSpeed V-Mount Twin Pass Radiator & Intercooler - S2000, 2000-05 (upgrade)


ScienceofSpeed V-Mount Twin Pass Radiator & Intercooler - S2000, 2006-09 (upgrade)


ScienceofSpeed V-Mount Twin Pass Radiator & Intercooler - S2000, 2000-05


ScienceofSpeed V-Mount Twin Pass Radiator & Intercooler - S2000, 2006-09


ScienceofSpeed A/C Relocation Kit for V-Mount - S2000, 2000-09


ScienceofSpeed Hot Side Charge Tube Kit for ScienceofSpeed TS-MAX Turbocharger System