ScienceofSpeed Tuner Supercharger System - S2000, 2000-09


For customers looking for a higher performance solution, ScienceofSpeed offers the Tuner Supercharger System. This system uses a higher boost pulley for a wheel horsepower gain of 140-150 horsepower with 91/93 octane, and over 200+ wheel horsepower gain with race gas or E85.

Increased performance requires a more advanced engine management and fuel system. A variety of systems are available and are made available separately from ScienceofSpeed. Choose your engine management system here and your fuel system here (2000-05 gasoline, 2000-05 E85, 2000-06 gasoline, 2006-09 E85).

Programmable engine management system requires dyno tuning. Are you looking for a "plug-and-play" solution that does not require tuning - click here for details.

The system includes the reliable Novi 1220 supercharger which produces a 140-150 wheel horsepower gain at 9 PSI. A higher capacity supercharger, the Novi 1200 is available as an upgrade for Tuner systems, suited for applications over 9 PSI, a complete machined billet aluminum bracket & belt tension system that is mounted with aerospace vibration isolation mounts, a liquid charge intercooler system, and intake system.


  • Engine management & fuel systems, based on model year required, and are available separately.
  • The factory catalytic converter and exhaust system was designed for 240 bhp. As with any supercharger system, exhaust flow is important for performance. The factory catalytic converter will limit power when the system is pushed beyond our recommendations. A high flow catalytic converter and exhaust is required for higher horsepower gains.
  • An upgraded clutch is highly recommended.

This product is designed and intended for Racing Competition Only:
This product is not designed or intended for pollution controlled vehicles. In the United States, the use of this product is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act. Use of this product must be used in accordance with the Clean Air Act, and any other Federal, State, or Local mandated regulations. The use of this product must only be used on a vehicle in sanctioned competition events and may not be used on public roads, streets, or highways. A Vehicle Compliance Waiver is required for all products marked "Racing Competition Only".


  • serious power at a reasonable price: The ScienceofSpeed Tuner supercharger system produces 140-150 wheel horsepower gain at 9 PSI. The system can produce over 200 wheel horsepower with race gas or E85. Despite the serious power gain and high quality components included, the system is one of the most reasonably priced systems on the market.
  • factory quality: No compromises were made in the selection of our components. The quality is in the details including the use of aerospace vibration isolation mounts, 6061 aluminum machined brackets (not cast like other systems), factory Honda metric flange fasteners, stainless steel smooth hose clamps, among other examples.
  • rigorous testing: The system was prototyped, designed, and tested in Phoenix Arizona. All S2000 design years have been included for street, and dyno durability testing. In addition, the system has been used on ScienceofSpeed's road race S2000.
  • simple bolt on installation: This system is by far the least complex to install. Our system includes custom made brackets, preformed hoses, and other components that make installation simple and straight forward. The system includes a very thorough step-by-step instruction manual.
  • don't cut or drill your S2000!: The requirements of other systems to cut, drill, or bend factory metal components was not acceptable. Unlike all other system - the ScienceofSpeed supercharger system does not require cutting, drilling, or bending of any factory metal components. Decide to sell your car in the future - the system is 100% reversible.
  • no core charges or exchanges required: All new parts means no core charges or exchanges like other systems available.
  • aftercooler: The ScienceofSpeed Supercharger System utilizes one of the best aftercoolers in the market, and at its core is our 8" x 4.5" x 4" heat exchanger core. We found this to be the best balance between size and performance, far surpassing expectations in both feilds. This measurement does not include the end tanks.


  • engine management & fuel system: bring your own engine management system, or choose from our available engine management systems & fuel system packages. Discount available for ScienceofSpeed Tuner Supercharger Systems purchased with engine management system & fuel system. MAP sensor required for applications over 10 PSI.
  • supercharger: The standard supercharger is the Paxton Novi 1220. This supercharger is most efficient for S2000 applications up to 9 PSI (up to 140-150 BHP gains). The Novi 1200 is available as an option for S2000 applications above 9 PSI (150-250 BHP gains).
  • pulley size: ScienceofSpeed recommends not more than 9 PSI for use with 91/93 (USA standard rating) octane. Customers may choose any higher boost pulley (click here for available sizes) at no extra charge for applications using race fuel or E85.
NOVI 1220 (standard supercharger)     Novi 1200 (upgraded supercharger)  
  2.0L 2.2L     2.0L 2.2L
pulley size 9000 RPM* 8000 RPM*   pulley size 9000 RPM* 8000 RPM*
5.0" 5 4   5.0" 6.5 6
4.8" 6 4.5   4.8" 7 6.5
4.6" 7 5   4.6" 8 7
4.4" 7.5 6   4.4" 9 8
4.2" 8.5 7   4.2" 10 9
4.0" 9 8   4.0" 11 10
3.8" 10.5 9   3.8" 12.5 11.5
3.6" 11 10.5   3.6" 13 13
3.4" 11.25 11.25   3.4" 15.5 14.5
3.2" 11.5 11.5   3.2" 16 15
3.0" n/a 12   3.0" n/a 16
Approximate peak boost pressure in PSIg at sea level.

  • welded air intake temperature (AIT) boss: The factory 2000-05 S2000 AIT sensor is located in the intake manifold. As an option, a 3/8" NPT boss can be added to the aftercooler's output tube for an open-element temperature sensor (AEM 30-2010). Price includes parts and labor. Sensor is not included. The 2006-09 air intake temperature sensor is installed into the intake elbow (a drill hole is required) or an optional welded boss can be added to the aftercooler's output tube for the factory temperature sensor. Price includes parts and labor. The existing factory sensor is reused.
  • optional idler pulley: bolt-on additional pulley for increase belt wrap for small pulleys, 3.4" or smaller.
  • upgraded ScienceofSpeed Racing Heat Exchanger: Upgrades the standard heat exchanger to a larger twin pass heat exchanger ideal for racing or high horsepower / boost setups. Click here for more details.
  • TiAL Blow-Off Valve: Optional larger 50mm blow off valve replaces the standard recirculating valve. Kit includes TiAL QR valve, intake blanking plug, and accessories for installation. Includes TiAL valve flange welded to aftercooler. This valve produces significantly more noise during idle and low-load conditions (when the valve is venting). Included QR style valve allows either vent to atmosphere or optional filter can be added to further damp the sound volume.

ScienceofSpeed Tuner Supercharger System - S2000, 2000-09



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