ScienceofSpeed Stainless Steel Hood Damper Kit - S2000, 2000-09


With it's long hood and engine set far back into the bay, gaining full access to the engine compartment for service or show is a must. The ScienceofSpeed Hood Dampers allow easy one handed access to raise and lower the hood while allowing easy access to the engine compartment by raising the hood a full 75 degrees.

Frustrated with other poorly engineered designs, ScienceofSpeed introduces it's hood damper set with locking mounting brackets and full stainless steel gas springs.

Whether you look at $150.00 hood dampers made in China or $300.00 sets made in Japan, they all have a poor mounting design. The bracket is secured by one mounting point. Once installed, the bracket easily rotates, loosening the fastener, and in many cases causing the gas spring cylinder to impact the inner edge of the fender. This can cause paint damage and can damage the threads in the hood.

In addition, we found existing hood dampers to have a poor design in stroke length. During the travel range of the hood, the gas spring bottoms out several inches before the hood even closes. This causes the mounting bracket to be strained, loosening the bracket, and distorting the threads of both mounting points.

Our hood damper design is superior to any product offered in both design and quality - even compared to sets for double the price. A one piece lightweight machined aluminum mount was designed that attaches to the factory hood fastening point as well as a second factory mounting location secured by a pin machined into the bracket.

The bracket then uses a stainless steel ball stud (fastened not welded for precision) to locate and secure the United States made aircraft grade full stainless steel gas spring. These gas springs are true outdoor grade springs that are far superior to other plain carbon steel gas springs used by other companies. They will not rust and corrode. The gas springs we use are two - three times the cost of cheaper springs, but well worth the quality and durability. In addition, they are designed with the proper stroke length and pressure to support the hood at a full 75 degrees of travel.

The hood damper set allows increased hood travel compared to any other hood damper which allows easy access to the engine compartment for service or just showing off Honda's engineering masterpiece.

The ScienceofSpeed Stainless Steel Hood Dampers are designed for factory hoods, and aftermarket composite hoods that are similar in weight to the factory hood (most are) and structurally sound enough to support the force placed on the hood by the dampers.

ScienceofSpeed Stainless Steel Hood Damper Kit - S2000, 2000-09