ScienceofSpeed Type-S Style Shift Knob - NSX, 1991-05 & S2000, 2000-09


We've been very impressed with the shifting in our Zanardi edition NSX. The shift knob used in this special edition is the same found in the Type-S edition NSX in Japan. This factory designed heavy-weighted shift knob feels excellent in the hand and the weight allows the knob to easily drop into gear. The factory price is $380.00+, so we had to find a way to replicate the design and finish for our customers.

After testing in materials and finishing, we were able to accurately replicate this shift knob.

The shift knob starts from T304 billet as is machined to factory dimensions. The knob is then ground, micro bead blasted, and vapor polished. The elaborate finishing process results in a semi-luster finish that is beautiful, hard, and durable - exactly replicating the factory finish.

With its heavy weight (440-444 grams) - it's remarkable what a difference this makes in shifting precision. Compatible with both the NSX the S2000, this shift knob improves the driver's ability to make quick and precise gear changes - improving shift times, and reducing the chance of mis-shifts while driving aggressively on the street or track.

NSX installed height:

  • This shift knob works with either the factory gear selector or the extended straight thread gear selector. The extended thread gear selector allows this shift knob to thread down lower for shorter throws - which works especially well with the NSX transmission cable design.

S2000 installed height:

  • Unlike the NSX, we've found that in the S2000 transmission design benefits from a slight increase in height. The ScienceofSpeed Type-S shift knob is designed to sit 12mm higher than the standard shift knob, and 25mm higher than the CR ball shift knob. The position and weight of the Type-S knob makes a significant improvement in the feeling of precision as the gear is selected.

Clip options (NSX only):

  • This knob is a replica of the factory knob, and is not designed for the 1991-2001 shift boot with the clip-in feature. Use this knob with the NSX-R shift boot,  Type-S shift boot, or the factory 2002-05 shift boot.
  • Click here for a version designed for the clip-in feature on the standard 1991-2001 shift boots.
ScienceofSpeed Type-S Style Shift Knob - NSX, 1991-05 & S2000, 2000-09