ScienceofSpeed K20C1 Type-R Engine Conversion - S2000, 2000-09 (LHD)


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Honda's K20C1, better known as the engine powering the venerable Civic Type-R, is a powerful turbocharged 2.0L engine that for years has only been available as a crate engine for professional race teams. For years, Honda racing enthusiasts and fans have watched as the turbocharged K20C1 engine served as a staple in the HPD lineup of racing vehicles; powering HPD’s Type R TC and Type R TCR race cars as well as the successful F4 U.S. Championship and FR Americas Championship series.

Now, for the first time, any driver who dreams of victory can experience the adrenaline and belonging that powers Honda on the track with their very own HPD Crate Engine Package, specifically designed for easy, affordable, and reliable swap applications.

ScienceofSpeed K20C1 Civic Type-R Engine Conversion kit for S2000:

Producing in excess of 300 horsepower and 300 lbf/ft of torque, with a package weight that weighs less than the S2000 F series engine, the K20C1 is the ideal replacement for the factory engine for your S2000 race car. ScienceofSpeed has produced the only comprehensive program for installing the K20C1 into any year S2000. Available as a complete package, or as individual components, the integrated conversion kit allows the engine to be installed in the factory engine bay, for the factory S2000 transmission and other accessories to be used. The available engine controls package allows a plug-and-play experience and includes a lay-over engine harness and chassis integration harness that connects to the S2000 chassis without the need for cutting wires. 

This product is designed and intended for Racing Competition Only:

  • This product is not designed or intended for pollution-controlled vehicles. In the United States, the use of this product is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act. Use of this product must be used in accordance with the Clean Air Act, and any other Federal, State, or Local mandated regulations. The use of this product must only be used on a vehicle in sanctioned competition events and may not be used on public roads, streets, or highways. A Vehicle Compliance Waiver is required for all products marked "Racing Competition Only". This product replaces the factory ECU, so the factory OBD system is no longer functional.
  • No warranty: Honda Performance Development parts are sold "as is" without warranty of any kind. Customer understands and agrees that competitive race car driving is an inherently dangerous activity and that it is Customer’s sole responsibility to determine whether the HPD Parts are appropriate for use in Customer’s race car and under the racing conditions to which they will be subjected and if and when such HPD Parts should be maintained, repaired, and/or replaced.  
  • Completed Sale Terms & Conditions form required for purchase.


  • Plug & play engine to chassis integration: ScienceofSpeed has developed a fully integrated conversion that makes installing the K20C1 as plug-and-play as possible. This includes compatibility with the factory transmission, radiator, and other accessories.
  • Plug & play engine & chassis wire harnesses: ScienceofSpeed has developed a plug-and-play engine lay-over and chassis harness plugs into the existing S2000 chassis harness.
  • Plug & play engine control: choose from the plug & play fixed-calibration Honda Performance Development ECU (300+ BHP) for 91 octane or configurable MoTeC M142 for advanced higher horsepower and FlexFuel applications.

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Components are available as a package or as individual kits. This allows customers to select the best combination of parts for their application. Component selections include:

crate engine

Supply your own, or purchase a new Honda K20C1 crate engine from ScienceofSpeed.

engine mounting kit

The mounting kit allows the engine to be installed in the S2000 engine bay. Select from ScienceofSpeed's mounting kit for existing factory S2000 mounts or Hasport mounts.

intake manifold adapter & intake filter kit

ScienceofSpeed's intake kit includes intake with filter and ScienceofSpeed's intake manifold kit which includes a CNC machined intake adapter that flips the factory intake manifold 180 degrees to allow installation into the engine bay and a throttle body adapter plate.

Available options:

  • Standard intake manifold adapter & intake filter kit: compatible with Honda HPD & Motec ECU.
  • Standard intake manifold adapter & MAF intake filter kit for Bosch ECU: required for use with Bosch ECU.
  • Port injection intake manifold adapter & intake filter kit: this kit replaces the standard intake manifold adapter with an adapter that includes a set of port injection injectors (Injector Dynamics 1050x), port injection fuel rail, and accessories. This optional significantly increases fuel flow for high horsepower and FlexFuel (E85) applications. It eliminates the need to upgrade the factory fuel pump and injectors for high flow requirements. This option requires the fuel system accessory kit for port injection (enpp-3238-3/4) and Motec ECU.

exhaust downpipe kit

The ScienceofSpeed Exhaust Downpipe Kit connects the K20C1 turbocharger to the catalytic converter & exhaust muffler. The outlet flange terminates in the same location as the factory S2000 header. Kit includes downpipe, factory heat shield, gaskets, fasteners, and a chassis reinforcement brace that replaces the factory brace that is removed for installation of the downpipe.

transmission adapter & flywheel kit

ScienceofSpeed's adapter kit allows the factory transmission to mate to the K20C1 and places the gear selector in the factory position. Kits include a transmission mount plate (not shown). Designed to work with the transmission adapter, the ScienceofSpeed K20C1 Conversion Flywheel allows any clutch designed for the S2000 to be used that has a suitable torque capacity (ScienceofSpeed Sport 400 Hybrid Clutch & Bearing Kit recommended).

engine coolant kit

placement in the S2000 engine bay requires the replacement of the factory coolant manifold and thermostat. The ScienceofSpeed Engine Coolant Kit includes a CNC machined aluminum engine coolant manifold, thermostat, and thermostat housing, along with all required hoses and tubes.


Choose from ScienceofSpeed's standard front mount intercooler or upgrade to ScienceofSpeed's V-Mount Twin Pass Radiator and intercooler which dramatically improves cooling efficiency of both the engine coolant and intercooler. Kit includes charge pipes, couplers, and all required hardware.

fuel system accessories

ScienceofSpeed's fuel system integrates the factory S2000 fuel system to the K20C1 engine. Kit includes required hoses, fittings, fuel pressure regulator and bracket.

A fuel pump that delivers 150 LPH or greater at 5 BAR is required for the K20C1 engine’s standard 300 BHP with gasoline. ScienceofSpeed recommends the AEM 320 LPH fuel pump (ScienceofSpeed part no. 50-1X00 for up to 400 BHP with gasoline or the Walbro 450 LPH fuel pump and ScienceofSpeed installation kit (ScienceofSpeed part no. enpp-2394) for FlexFuel or higher horsepower applications. An upgraded wiring kit (ScienceofSpeed part no. enpp-2761) is required to supply sufficient current to the fuel pump for this high-pressure application.

2006-09: a partial return conversion kit is required (available in the optional drop-down).

engine control package

ScienceofSpeed has developed a fully integrated plug-and-play wire harness for the engine and chassis for the K20C1 engine. Kit includes ScienceofSpeed engine lay-over wire harness, chassis harness, ECU (where applicable), ECU bracket and various accessories like ground and power cables. Kits for 2000-05 include accelerator pedal position assembly required for the drive-by-wire throttle body.

The following ECU solutions are available:

  • Honda Performance Development: Plug-and-play 300+ BHP for 91+ octane fuel. Calibration is fixed (no adjustment possible) but does not require tuning. Package includes:
    • engine layover harness
    • chassis harness
    • power & ground cables
    • sensors
    • ECU
    • ECU mounting bracket
  • Factory FK8 Bosch ECU & Hondata FlashPro: Includes the factory Bosch ECU from the FK8 Civic Type R with a special FlashPro developed by Hondata and ScienceofSpeed to allow the ECU to be used in the Honda S2000. This package allows modified turbochargers and FlexFuel to be used (FlexFuel requires additional components). Note: this option requires intake kit with MAF housing (enpp-3231-3). Package includes:
    • engine layover harness
    • chassis harness
    • power & ground cables
    • sensors
    • ECU
    • ECU mounting bracket
    • FlashPro (specially designed by ScienceofSpeed and Hondata for K20C1 and S2000)
    • FlashPro ECU jailbreak
    • factory MAF sensor
    • base calibration for 91 and 93 octane fuels
  • Motec M142: Advanced motorsports ECU for advanced features like staged injection (port and direct injection). Add port injection intake manifold option to increase fuel delivery for FlexFuel without needing to modify factory direct injection pump and injectors. Package includes:
    • engine layover harness
    • chassis harness
    • power & ground cables
    • sensors
    • ECU not included
    • ECU mounting bracket
    • ECU & calibration is available from ScienceofSpeed's partner (click here for more details).
ScienceofSpeed K20C1 Type-R Engine Conversion - S2000, 2000-09 (LHD)



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