ScienceofSpeed AEM Infinity Engine Management System - NSX, 1995-05


The ScienceofSpeed AEM Infinity Engine Control Unit (ECU) & Harness System for 1995-05 NSX is a programmable plug-and-play engine management system that allows total standalone control of fuel, ignition, VTEC, along with other engine functions based on the advanced AEM Infinity ECU. The system completely replaces the factory ECU & throttle body assembly.

The AEM Infinity ECU features a latest generation 32 bit 200 MHz processor capable of processing eight or more times faster than comparable engine management systems. This processing power allows for a volumetric efficiency tuning platform with real time closed loop fuel calculations allowing for increased fuel and ignition control allowing engines to produce more power.

The plug-and-play electrical harness designed, tested, and built in house by ScienceofSpeed integrates to the factory engine and cabin harness with out cutting required. The complete system can be installed and removed with out modification to the vehicle. An easy-wire accessory & VTEC connector allows easy installation of various accessories using factory connectors.

The included Hitachi electronic throttle body made in Japan is a OEM Tier-1 grade component. The throttle body mates to the NSX intake manifold with a machined billet 6061 aluminum adapter. The adapter includes a port for factory charcoal canister extraction with fitting sized for factory tubing. ScienceofSpeed includes a plug-and-play electrical installation harness. This system removes the factory ecu, and traction control unit. The ScienceofSpeed Infinity kit integrates with the factry button and lights, as well as the sensors. This requires some wire splicing.

Systems based on the AEM Infinity-6 and Infinity-8 are available. The AEM Infinity-6 features 6 dedicated injector and coil outputs and a single channel on-board wideband sensor controller. The Infinity-8 adds an additional on-board wideband sensor controller, and an increased number of inputs.

Note: factory traction control & cruise control is not supported. The AEM Infinity includes a built-in, easy to configure traction control system. The ScienceofSpeed system is compatible with the factory traction control switch, or may be used with a multi-position switch. The factory "traction control" status lamp is supported.

Note: due to the limited inputs / outputs of the Infinity-6, the Infinity-8 should be considered if the application requires extensive input / output control (FlexFuel, boost control, fuel pressure, etc.) Please click here for a chart detailing available inputs / outputs between the Infinity-6 and Infinity-8.

For a complete comparison of our engine management systems for 1995-05 NSX, please click here.

This product is not designed or intended for pollution controlled vehicles. In the United States, the use of this product is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act. Use of this product must be used in accordance with the Clean Air Act, and any other Federal, State, or Local mandated regulations. The use of this product must only be used on a vehicle in sanctioned competition events and may not be used on public roads, streets, or highways.


  • Advanced AEM Infinity ECU with latest generation processor supports volumetric tuning platform with closed loop fuel & ignition control.
  • Professionally constructed plug-and-play harness.
  • Easy-wire accessory & VTEC harness using factory connectors
  • On-board wideband oxygen sensor for precise closed-loop fuel feedback.
  • FlexFuel (E85) tuning.
  • Engine protection based on engine coolant, oil temperature, oil pressure, AFR, etc.
  • Built-in traction control system compatible with factory "traction control" switch or multi-position aftermarket switch and traction control status lamp.
  • Complete electronic throttle body control.
  • Completely replaces factory ECU.


  • AEM Infinity-6 or AEM Infinity-8 ECU
  • professionally constructed plug-and-play electrical harness
  • wideband sensor (one for Infinity-6, two for Infinity-8)
  • wideband sensor electrical harness w/ 1200 deg F heat resistant sleeving
  • Hitatchi electronic throttle body
  • machined billet 6061 aluminum adapter plate
  • professionally constructed plug-and-play electronic throttle body electrical harness
  • access to naturally aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged base calibrations tuned by ScienceofSpeed significantly saving time and expense
  • ScienceofSpeed includes remote assistance for customers with wifi connections - thirty minutes are included for free with your purchase for initial ECU setup


  • UEGO wideband controller & sensor: Infinity 6 ECU's include only one wideband O2 input (only one required for single turbocharger systems). For naturally aspirated, supercharged, or twin turbocharged engines, a second external wideband is suggested if using Infinity-6. All required terminal connectors for external controller are included in ScienceofSpeed electrical harness.
  • MAP sensor: the AEM Infinity is compatible with the factory MAP sensor, which is good until 10 PSI. For higher boost applications, a higher capacity MAP sensor is recommended.
  • fuel pressure sensor & fitting kit: highly recommended. Closed loop fuel calculations can be precisely calculated by the AEM Infinity with less reliance on wideband sensors with fuel pressure sensor input.
  • oil pressure & oil temperature sensors can be added for additional engine safety functions.
  • electronic boost control solenoid: for turbocharged applications, the AEM Infinity can control boost with a wastegate electronic boost control solenoid.
  • FlexFuel (E85) sensor: sensor allows for FlexFuel tuning.
  • telemetry products: the AEM Infinity is compatible with gaugeART Video Gauge Adapters and Race Technology Dash2Pro race dashes.
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