ScienceofSpeed Billet Aluminum Door Handles


ScienceofSpeed Billet Aluminum Door Handles are a direct replica of the factory plastic door handles. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet, the door handles were developed and tested with advanced rapid prototype modeling and are finally machined on a complex 3 axis CNC mill. These door handles include the top mounting lever as one piece.

Please note: it is common for early NSX to break the lower door lever, which is attached to the door handle with fasteners. It may at first appear that your door handle is broken. However, it is most commonly the lower lever (indicated in the attached diagram as "2"). A high strength replacement for the lower door lever is sold here. However, should your plastic handle - or the top lever break, these are perfect replacements.

These door handles are a direct replacement for the factory plastic door handles, and include replacement mounting screws. Kit includes thorough installation instructions with photos.


  • Sold as a pair - include both left and right handles.
  • Include replacement screws.


  • polished clear ceramic - (bright shiny chrome like finish)
  • clear (silver) anodized - (glossy silver finish)
  • titanium gunmetal ceramic - (satin gunmetal finish)
  • satin black ceramic - (satin black finish - closely matches factory finish)
ScienceofSpeed Aluminum Door Handles (pair) - polished chrome ceramic


ScienceofSpeed Billet Aluminum Door Handles (pair) - satin silver clear anodized


ScienceofSpeed Billet Aluminum Door Handles (pair) - titanium gunmetal ceramic


ScienceofSpeed Billet Aluminum Door Handles (pair) - satin black ceramic