ScienceofSpeed Billet Aluminum Door Repair Lever


The NSX door pull assembly consists of a plastic door pull "handle" and top and bottom cast metal hinge "levers". The bottom lever (indicated as "2") in the attached photo connects to the cable which actuates the release mechanism that allows the door to open. This is a common failure point. The cast metal levers are weak and commonly fail on the driver's side first, then the passenger side.

We recreated this part out of high strength billet 6061-T6 CNC machined to exacting specifications. Black anodized with engraved "L" and "R".

Kit includes thorough installation instructions with photos.

It is very unusual for the plastic door pull handle itself to break - however, it can happen. Most often, it looks as if the handle has broken because the lever attaches with two screws that are hidden with black colored decals that blends them in to the handle. The top lever, which acts purely as a hinge, rarely breaks as it doesn't take the load of the bottom hinge. However, should this break - or the plastic handle itself break - we offer a CNC machined replacement which combines the factory top lever and the plastic handle.


Available individually, and as a pair, these parts are side specific.

ScienceofSpeed billet aluminum door repair lever (left) - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed billet aluminum door repair lever (right) - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed billet aluminum door repair lever - pair