ScienceofSpeed Crankcase Breather Tank


The ScienceofSpeed Oil Breather Tank is custom built for the NSX to allow pressurized crankcase gases to vent out from both the front and rear valve covers. Natural aspiration and especially forced induction vehicles benefit by eliminating hot oily vapor from being returned back into the engine.

The tank is CNC water jet cut and formed out of lightweight aluminum. The tank is specifically designed for the NSX to attach to a factory mounting location so that no modification or drilling is required. Tank bolts to the bottom of the engine cover lid's mounting point and can be used with or with out the engine cover. The tank features a sight glass which allows you to monitor the level of oil.  Tank is finished in a high durable black wrinkle finish (matches 3.0L valve covers and 3.2L intake manifold cover).

Offered separately is a fitting kit for your NSX year.

Note: this tank is not for use on emissions controlled vehicles.


  • The tank kit includes all mounting hardware, sight glass assembly, and a breather filter.
  • The fitting kit includes fittings, hose, and in-line PCV valve.
ScienceofSpeed Oil Breather Tank - wrinkle black powdercoat


ScienceofSpeed Oil Breather Tank - hose, PCV, & fitting accessory kit