ScienceofSpeed Door Speaker Panel Kit


Available separately from our Proformance Audiophile system, the ScienceofSpeed HDPE Door Speaker Panel is the best way to install aftermarket speakers into the NSX door panel.

These door speaker panels allow you to install aftermarket 6.5" door speakers into the factory door panels with out any cutting or drilling into the factory door sheet metal!

The speaker panels are machined from a special air-injected high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic material that is weather resistant and also lightweight. These panels replace the factory speaker enclosure unit and attach to the factory speaker mounting locations for both doors. Now, no drilling or cutting of the factory door panel is required to install aftermarket speakers! The shape of the panel allows for cross overs to me mounted in the rear of the speaker.

Sound dampening pads may be installed over the panel for best acoustic performance. Pads sold separately below (4 pads 23x12" pads included - enough to finish both doors).

If you are removing your factory door speakers and amplifiers, ScienceofSpeed will buy them from you!  We are willing to pay $100 per amp that you send in, and is a good rebuildable core.  There is 1 amp in each door speaker assembly, and 1 in the subwoofer box assembly.  Contact us at to take advantage of this offer while it lasts.


  • Door panel kit includes panels and hardware for installation. 
ScienceofSpeed Door Speaker Panel Pair Kit - NSX, 1991-05


HushMat Ultra Sound Dampening Pads (4 23x12 inch pads)