ScienceofSpeed Exact Fit Hatch and JGTC Duct


The new ScienceofSpeed Race Hatch offers a lightweight replacement for the rear stock hatch glass with the option of engine ducting for cooling and induction.

This engine hatch is unique in it's true molded construction. The ScienceofSpeed engine hatch is the only polycarbonate hatch that is produced by molding. Other engine hatches use a flat sheet of acrylic that is sandwiched between two factory glass hatches. This does not result in a very accurate replication of the factory hatch glass as the first factory glass forms the top surface of the resulting plastic hatch with the incorrect (bottom) surface. This results in gaps, bowing, and a poorly fitting hatch. The acrylic hatch is also prone to cracking and hazzing.

The ScienceofSpeed Race hatch differs by using a reverse fiberglass mold. Polycarbonate Lexan material is used with a scratch resistant hard coat layer on the surface and anti-fogging layer on the inside. Being reverse molded, the resulting window hatch is a direct replica of the factory glass which retains the factory glass curvature, clarity, and fit. The hatch also includes the same black out border found on the stock glass. A multi-piece router fixture is then used to cut and trim the resulting hatch to the exact size of the factory glass. Although this process is complex, it results in a replacement hatch that once mounted can not be easily differentiated from factory glass. The ScienceofSpeed Race Hatch is the only hatch to be so precise that even the factory edging molding easily slips on.

Factory aluminum support rail must be removed from factory glass, or a new unit supplied.


The hatch is available in two versions.

  • direct replacement for factory glass hatch
  • direct replacement for factory glass hatch with FRP or carbon fiber duct - features 7" x 9" inlet hole for engine cooling
ScienceofSpeed Exact Fit Lexan Race Hatch (no duct cut)


ScienceofSpeed Exact Fit Lexan Race Hatch & Carbon Duct Kit