ScienceofSpeed 2002-Style Forged NSX Wheel Set - NSX, 1991-05


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ScienceofSpeed is excited to offer our version of the 2002-05 NSX wheel to NSX owners of all years, 1991-05.

The factory wheel offered on the 2002-05 NSX are believed to be by many owners the most striking and fitting wheel for the NSX. ScienceofSpeed's wheels use the same die forging and machine finishing process to produce an elegant and lightweight wheel, befitting the NSX - the ultimate iconic sportscar. With a moderate increase in offset and optional larger rear wheel, the ScienceofSpeed wheel eliminates the factory "tucked in" look and allows for big brake clearance. The elegant spoke has been maintained, but with a modern flush fitment. High-performance features include tire bead seat knurl, improving tire traction and for the engine to transmit power to the road.

Wheel Specifications

size offset PCD CB construction
17x7.0 +55 5x114.3 70.1mm forged alloy
17x9.0 +56 5x114.3 64.1mm forged alloy
ScienceofSpeed (17 / 17)
17x7.0 +40 5x114.3 70.1mm forged alloy
17x9.0 +36 5x114.3 64.1mm forged alloy
ScienceofSpeed (17 / 18)
17x7.0 +40 5x114.3 70.1mm forged alloy
18x9.0 +36 5x114.3 64.1mm forged alloy

Recommended tire size:

NSX year & brake fitment:

  • Year fitment: NSX, 1991-05
  • Brake fitment: factory, Brembo GT, Brembo Indy, Stoptech

Important pre-order information:

  • This product is available for pre-order sales. A pre-order discount is being offered and is applied to your order automatically. Discount expires on March 31st.
  • Production lead time is approximately 4 months from production start date.
  • Production will start once 12 orders are received.
  • If you place an order online, only $500.00 will be charged (the balance will be returned to your credit card or PayPal by the next business day). Alternatively, you may call to place an order. This $500.00 is non-refundable unless 12 orders are not received by March 31st at which time, your deposit will be refunded.
  • Once production starts - a second confirmation e-mail, with an expected delivery date, will be sent.


  • Lightweight and rigid die-forged and machine finished.
  • Choice between two finishes: "BMW" Silver (gloss silver) or Washi Grey Metallic (gloss gun metallic).
  • Elegant appearance with a modern flush stance: perfect flush fitment without rubbing.
  • Available in 17" / 17" (factory diameters) or 17" / 18".
  • NSX-specific hub bore - no hub centering spacers required.
  • Knurled tire bead seat: knurled seat reduces tire slip maintaining the tire's position on the wheel and helping ensure full engine power is transmitted to the road.
  • Compatible with popular tire options.
  • Compatible with optional ScienceofSpeed or OEM center caps
  • High-quality black aluminum valve stems included.
  • Tested to JWL specifications.


  • Set of four wheels for front and rear.
  • High-quality black aluminum valve stems.


  • Finish: "BMW" Silver (gloss silver) or Washi Grey Metallic (gloss gunmetallic) - color matched to factory samples.
  • Center caps: center caps are optional. ScienceofSpeed or OEM center caps are optional.
  • Lug nuts: Aftermarket 60-degree lug nuts are required. Click here for options. A factory style option is offered here.

ScienceofSpeed 2002-Style Forged NSX Wheel Set - NSX, 1991-05


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Regular Price: $2,440.00

Special Price $1,920.00