ScienceofSpeed Forged Pistons


ScienceofSpeed offers custom designed forged aluminum pistons for the Honda S2000 F20/F22 with aftermarket iron sleeves. Custom compression and bore sizing for both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications are available. These pistons are the most advanced available featuring a lightweight low friction design with proprietary dome designs that have been mapped from the S2000 cylinder head.

Each of our pistons are custom tailored to our customer's application. We do not sell an "off the shelf" design. Each component including ring, pin, and lock is selected specificly for the application.

Pistons are manufactured from high quality forgings and CNC machined to exacting standards. We offer lightweight high compression pistons as well as tough forced induction pistons design for supercharger or turbocharger use. We work with the customer to select the specifics on the piston based on application and output goals.

Pistons may vary from pictures due to design and specification.

piston types
Type-NA natural aspiration use
variable CR from 11.1-12.7:1 CR
87-89mm diameter
.905" wrist pin recommended
addl internal milling and xylan coated skirts available

forced induction use
variable CR from 8.5 - 11.1 CR
87-89mm diameter
.905" wrist pin recommended
addl internal milling, xylan coated skirts, & tool steel wrist pins available

Prices INCLUDE full set of pistons, rings, pins, & locks. This piston set is not compatible with the factory FRM cylinder liner, and require aftermarket iron sleeves. For pistons that are compatible with the factory FRM cylinder liner, we off the Mahle Piston set for the Factory Block.

ScienceofSpeed Forged Piston Set, Type-NA - Honda S2000, 2000-09


ScienceofSpeed Forged Piston Set, Type-FI - Honda S2000, 2000-09