ScienceofSpeed Individual Throttle Body System


The new ScienceofSpeed Individual Throttle Body System is an evolution of the ultimate induction system for the NSX. Redesigned and refined for 2011, the system offers the best performance, reliability, and drivability of any system at any price.

Individual throttles allow high speed throttle response and increase in power by reducing pumping loss from a conventional intake system.

Unlike other systems that are designed only for race applications, the design was refined incorporating several factory individual throttle body features that make the ScienceofSpeed individual throttle system the only suitable solution for both race and street applications.

factory quality design:
The ScienceofSpeed system has integrated the factory idle air control valve to provide excellent idle quality, previously unknown to aftermarket individual throttle systems. The idle air control valve as well as the vacuum distribution system is integrated into the system's support structure neatly hiding these components in the V of the engine. The linkage design has also been improved to offer easy installation and maintenance. Unlike other systems, the ScienceofSpeed system retains the factory throttle cable for easy installation and uses turnbuckle style linkages and sealed ball joints for easy setup and reliability.


  • engine management system (AEM Series 2 or Infinity recommended)
  • 48mm tall fuel injectors (Injector Dynamics 1050x injectors recommended)
  • air filtration (customer supplied)

System is not designed for emissions controlled vehicles. For off-road applications only.


  • intake manifolds: 3-axis CNC designed aluminum intake manifolds with seamless NSX cylinder head port - round throttle transition.
  • linkage design: easy to adjust turnbuckle style linkages feature sealed ball joints and the precision and reliability of a common shaft design with individual throttle body adjustment capability. Unique design is mounted to center of engine, not cylinder heads - changes to head geometry (like decking the block and heads) does not affect linkage system mounting.
  • factory throttle cable: centralized throttle linkage design maintains factory throttle pull cable making installation simple.
  • integrated idle air control valve & vacuum distribution: factory NSX idle air control valve and vacuum distribution system is integrated into support structure resulting in excellent idle quality and neat factory appearance.
  • integrated rail mounted fuel pressure regulator: fuel pressure regulator mounts to machined billet aluminum fuel rails and attaches to factory return hose with out modification. Fuel feed hose is compatible with factory fuel filter with out modification.
  • factory electronics compatible: provisions for grounding points and electrical connectors are included with system.


  • intake manifolds (48mm standard, 50mm available)
  • throttle body set (48mm standard, 50mm available)
  • lightweight aluminum air horn set (48mm standard, 50mm available including carbon fiber)
  • machined billet aluminum mounting system with integrated idle air control mount, vacuum distribution, and linkage support
  • throttle linkage system
  • machined billet aluminum fuel rails & mounting brackets
  • rail mounted fuel pressure regulator
  • lightweight fuel hoses and fuel fittings
  • vacuum distribution system with fittings and hoses
  • throttle position sensor
ScienceofSpeed Individual Throttle Body System - NSX, 1991-94