ScienceofSpeed Paxton 1200/1220 Upgrade for Comptech Supercharger Kits


Comptech Supercharger Kits built prior to Jan 2010 used the Paxton Novi 1000 Supercharger. This supercharger has been discontinued. A new supercharger design, the Novi 1220 was released to replace it. In addition, a higher flow supercharger, the 1200 was also released.

This supercharger has a different mounting design and discharge shape. To allow customers with Comptech superchargers to be able to install the Paxton 1220 or 1200 superchargers, ScienceofSpeed has developed a replacement mounting kit. Included is the main mounting plate (CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and black anodized), required mounting hardware, and new silicone coupler and clamp.

In addition to this kit, the following components are required:

  • Novi 1200 or 1220 supercharger (available for order on this page on the right)
  • Novi 1200 /1220 compatible drive pulley (available here)
  • Novi 1220 / 1220 pulley mounting kit (available here)
  • Supercharger drive belt (available here)

Two superchargers are available that are compatible with this bracket kit and the Comptech supercharger system.

Novi 1220 - this supercharger is roughly equivalent to the Novi 1000 originally supplied by Comptech. The same-sized pulley will yield similar performance and pressure. This supercharger is optimized in efficiency for 6-9 PSI (300-380 whp). Customer retaining the original Comptech fuel system must use the same sized pulley as originally supplied. A proper upgraded fuel and engine management system is required for any pressure greater than what the originally supplied pulley produces.

Novi 1200 - this supercharger is optimized for 10-16 PSI (400-480 whp). A proper upgraded fuel and engine management system is required. Engine modification and fuel quality must be sufficient to support this power level.

This mounting plate is compatible with the original Comptech / CT-Engineering mounting brackets, mounting bushings, and fasteners. Replacement bushings are available here.  

ScienceofSpeed Novi 1200/1220 Upgrade Mounting Kit for Comptech Superchargers


Paxton Novi 1220 Supercharger Assembly, engine oil fed


Paxton Novi 1200 Supercharger Assembly, engine oil fed