ScienceofSpeed Sport Valved Exhaust - NSX, 2017-on


In development, coming soon!

The ScienceofSpeed Sport Valved Exhaust offers increased performance from the 2017 NSX while maintaining the factory electronic valve system.

The exhaust features two 2.5" exhaust tubes which increase diameter from the factory and when used with the ScienceofSpeed Sport Downpipes, eliminates the 2.1" bottleneck in the factory exhaust track. The exhaust flow path is redirected while in "Sport" mode in two twin resonated chambers reducing exhaust sound.

Note: to change the exhaust sound from the 2017, the downpipes create the largest difference in sound output. ScienceofSpeed recommends using this product with the ScienceofSpeed Sport Downpipe Set. There will minimal sound difference in Sport + mode if only this exhaust is used.

The ScienceofSpeed Race Exhaust system is manufactured from 100% T304 stainless steel and include epoxy dry carbon fiber exhaust tips.

ScienceofSpeed Sport Valved Exhaust - NSX, 2017-on