ScienceofSpeed Trunk Mounting Panel - NSX, 1991-05


Available separately from our Proformance Audiophile system, the ScienceofSpeed HDPE Trunk Mounting Panel is the best way to install aftermarket amplifiers, methanol injection systems, or other accessories into the trunk of the NSX.

Trunk mounting board is machined from a special lightweight air-injected high density polyethylene (HDPE). The material is black with a texturized surface on both sides. New version two includes three mounting points for a solid installation. The board's mounting holes are countersunk so that the included stainless steel mounting fasteners are flush with the surface. Accessories are mounted by drilling a small pilot hole then screwing the accessories into the board.


  • The kit includes custom aluminum mounting brackets for installation to factory mounting points, and all hardware required for installation is included. 
ScienceofSpeed Trunk Mounting Panel - NSX, 1991-05