ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger - NSX, 1991-05


ScienceofSpeed's most ambitious project to date brings modern supercharger performance to the 1991-2005 NSX. Designed from the ground up utilizing CAD and CFD engineering tools, the ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger System offers V8 performance in a dependable easy to install package.


  • Built from the ground up around the modern Magnuson TVS1900 Supercharger.
  • Flexible upgradeable for 80 wheel horsepower (at 6 PSI, non-intercooled) to over 250 wheel (13.2 PSI) with supporting modifications.
  • Wheel horsepower gain from factory power (243.8 wheel horsepower) - see dyno graphs in gallery:
    • factory 3.0L, non-intercooled, 91 octane fuel: 147.8 wheel horsepower (8.5 PSI)
    • ScienceofSpeed Stage 1 3.0L, intercooled, E85: 258.0 wheel horsepower (13.2 PSI)
  • Plug-and-play - no permanent modification is required, and can be reversed at any time.
  • An expandable design with optional integrated intercooler and 75mm throttle body.
  • Improved belt tensioner system.
  • Includes modern fuel & engine management system.
  • Compatible with factory air injection system (1995-05 NSX).
  • Fits under factory coupe engine cover (not compatible with factory targa engine cover or brace - see options below).
  • Weight optimized (adds only approximately 29.4 lbs).


All systems:

  • Magnuson TVS 1900 Supercharger
  • ScienceofSpeed Inlet Manifold
  • ScienceofSpeed Intake Manifold
  • ScienceofSpeed Fuel Rails, Factory Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter, & Fuel Rail Covers
  • ScienceofSpeed Fuel Hoses
  • ScienceofSpeed Belt Drive & Tensioner Assembly
  • Griptec supercharger pulley & belt
  • Denso alternator
  • Accessories including alternator lead, hoses, and fasteners
  • ScienceofSpeed Idle Air Control & Cold Start Valve Block (1991-94 NSX)
  • ScienceofSpeed Throttle Cable Bracket (1991-94)
  • Spark detection bracket (1995-05)

1991-94 Stage 2:

1995-05 Stage 2:


  • Stages:
    • Tuner: 100-175+ horsepower (with supporting modifications). Does not include engine management system or fuel system. Customer-supplied engine management, sensors, compatible fuel injectors (EV14 short w/ 11mm adapters), & pump is required.
    • Stage 1: 80-100 horsepower. Does not require tuning. In development.
    • Stage 2: 100-175+ horsepower (with supporting modifications). Includes stand-alone engine management system and fuel system. Includes start-up calibration. Requires tuning. Does not support OBD2 (1995-05 NSX). An optional fuel pressure sensor (0-100 PSI, part no 30-2130-100) and sensor fitting kit (part no. enpp-442) are highly recommended to take advantage of the AEM Infinity's capabilities.
  • Intercooler: ScienceofSpeed Intercooler & Intercooler Installation KitThis optional intercooler is recommended for applications producing in excess of 140 wheel horsepower gains.
  • Throttle Body: ScienceofSpeed 75mm throttle body kit. Increases power 12-25+ with larger 75mm throttle body.
  • Targa Shock Tower Brace: the factory targa engine cover and engine cover brace is not compatible with the ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger System. A replacement brace is available. The factory engine cover is not compatible. Other engine covers may be used, including the ScienceofSpeed NSX-R Engine Cover. The targa top may be placed in the trunk.
  • High Output Alternator: the standard alternator's capacity is 80A. This is the same alternator used by other supercharger kits. A 95A option is ideal for applications with aftermarket electronics, including stereo amplifiers.
  • Supporting modifications: for gains above 80 wheel horsepower, a free-flowing header and exhaust is recommended. The factory engine supports up to 140 wheel horsepower (3.0L) to 160 wheel horsepower (3.2L). Looking to produce 400-500 wheel horsepower? The ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger System is capable! Read & watch the video on this blog post

ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger - NSX, 1991-05



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