ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger - NSX, 1991-05


New release: available for pre-order. Please see important details below.

ScienceofSpeed's most ambitious project to date brings modern supercharger performance to the 1991-2005 NSX. Designed from the ground up utilizing CAD and CFD engineering tools, the ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger System offers V8 performance in a dependable easy to install package.


  • Built from the ground up around the modern Magnuson TVS1900 Supercharger.
  • CAD designed & CFD optimized for 80-175+ HP gains.
  • Plug-and-play - no permanent modification is required, and can be reversed at any time.
  • An expandable design with optional integrated intercooler and 75mm throttle body.
  • Improved belt tensioner system.
  • Includes modern fuel & engine management system.
  • Compatible with factory air injection system (1995-05 NSX).
  • Fits under factory coupe engine cover (not compatible with factory targa engine cover or brace - see options below).
  • Weight optimized (adds only approximately 29.4 lbs).


All systems:

  • Magnuson TVS 1900 Supercharger
  • ScienceofSpeed Inlet Manifold
  • ScienceofSpeed Intake Manifold
  • ScienceofSpeed Fuel Rails, Factory Fuel Pressure Regulator, & Fuel Rail Covers
  • ScienceofSpeed Fuel Hoses
  • ScienceofSpeed Belt Drive & Tensioner Assembly
  • Denso alternator
  • Accessories including alternator lead, hoses, and fasteners
  • ScienceofSpeed Idle Air Control & Cold Start Valve Block (1991-94 NSX)
  • ScienceofSpeed Throttle Cable Bracket (1991-94)
  • Spark detection bracket (1995-05)

1991-94 Stage 2:

1995-05 Stage 2:

Founder's Edition

In celebration of 30 years of the NSX and the introduction of the TVS Supercharger System - 30 systems are being offered with special serialized badging, a matching serialized carbon fiber wallet and a discounted pricing of $500 (Tuner) - $1,000 (Stage 2 w/ Intercooler). 

Pre-Order Sales

The first 30 ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger System is available for pre-order. Please place an order online, or call in. If an order is placed online, the pre-order discount will be automatically applied in the shopping cart. Only 25% will be charged once your order is processed. 25% will be charged when your kit is 2 weeks from shipping. The balance will be charged when your system ships.


New systems will begin shipping in mid to late November. Approximately 3-5 kits per week will ship. It will take approximately 8-10 weeks for ScienceofSpeed to fulfill all orders from this pre-sale. Your estimated ship date will be sent by e-mail once your order is processed.


  • Stages:
    • Tuner: 100-175+ horsepower (with supporting modifications). Does not include engine management system or fuel system. Customer-supplied engine management, sensors, and fuel injectors & pump.
    • Stage 1: 80-100 horsepower. Does not require tuning. In development.
    • Stage 2: 100-175+ horsepower (with supporting modifications). Includes stand-alone engine management system and fuel system. Includes start-up calibration. Requires tuning. Does not support OBD2 (1995-05 NSX).
  • Intercooler: ScienceofSpeed Intercooler & Intercooler Installation KitThis optional intercooler is recommended for applications producing in excess of 140 wheel horsepower gains.
  • Throttle Body: ScienceofSpeed 75mm throttle body kit (to be released late November 2020).
  • Targa Shock Tower Brace: the factory targa engine cover and engine cover brace is not compatible with the ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger System. A replacement brace is offered. The ScienceofSpeed TVS Targa Shock Tower Brace features lightweight aluminum construction with CNC machined billet aluminum brackets. The factory engine cover is not compatible. Other engine covers may be used, including the ScienceofSpeed NSX-R Engine Cover. The targa top may be placed in the trunk.
  • High Output Alternator: the standard alternator's capacity is 80A. This is the same alternator used by other supercharger kits. A 95A option is ideal for applications with aftermarket electronics, including stereo amplifiers.
  • Supporting modifications: for gains above 80 wheel horsepower, a free-flowing header and exhaust is recommended. The factory engine supports up to 140 wheel horsepower (3.0L) to 160 wheel horsepower (3.2L). For power goals above this, please consider upgrading the engine.

ScienceofSpeed TVS Supercharger - NSX, 1991-05



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