UNI Dual-Stage Foam Filter for NSX


Reusable replacement dual-stage foam filter.

Retains the factory airbox, which when used with the Downforce Air Scoop, has been dyno proven to show better performance than all other aftermarket filter systems.

This filter is washable and reusable. In addition to the power gains, it's less expensive compared to the factory filter after only one change.

Includes 5.5 oz oil kit.

Increases induction growl. We highly recommend the Downforce Air Scoop for use with this product.

Replacement UNI Oil & Cleaner:
We recommend cleaning and re-oiling the air filter every other oil change. In addition to the oil kit included when the filter is purchased, oil and cleaner kits are available separately:

  • 5.5 oz oil kit: Specialized oil aids in filtration
  • 14.5 oz cleaner kit: Dissolves and cleans heavily soiled air filters - safe to use on air filter, will not break down filter element like other cleaners. Much more effective than soap & water.
Uni Dual-Stage Foam Filter (includes oil kit) - NSX, 1991-05


Uni Filter Oil, 5.5 oz aerosol can


Uni Filter Cleaner, 14.5 oz aerosol can